pisg - Perl IRC Statistics Generator

Example pages running pisg

This is a list of example sites running pisg (Beware, probably many dead links).

If you use pisg and have a permanent URL for it, then I encourage you to add your page - just so I can see how many uses it, and so the link can be added for presentation here!

If you find a dead link, or if you believe a page should be removed from here, then click the 'remove' link which is aligned to the right.

#kopweb @ EFNet by einarjh Remove
#Football @ Quakenet by Nascimento Remove
#playground @ IRCnet by pwolf Remove
#sex @ ShakeIT by Kiril Remove
#Pepe @ QuakeNet by Pepe Remove
#EloosMotus @ Europnet by Zephir Remove
#ElooScrabble @ Europnet by Zephir Remove
#alterIWNet @ Rizon by Pigophone Remove
#inci @ rizon by pentafive Remove
#htc-evo @ freenode by joeykrim Remove
#ET.Wars @ Quakenet by Nordicbots Remove
#mkm @ FreeNoode by ciemnowidz Remove
#novoasem @ IRCLandia by Mika Remove
#sunny @ Sunny by StatsBot Remove
#WoM @ Esper by [S] Remove
#seo @ EFnet by HM2K Remove
#Francophonie @ EuropnNet by meepmeep Remove
#script.fi @ QuakeNet by Daeron Remove
#pisg @ QuakeNet by Myon Remove