pisg - Perl IRC Statistics Generator

Change Log

pisg (0.73) - Wed Jan, 18th 2012
    The "Long Awaited" Release.
    * Migrated away from CVS to Git
    * Add "listening to" to the default ChartsRegexp.
    * New parser "weechat3" for weechat >= 0.3.
    * Update eggdrop parser for new logformat in 1.6.20 (timestamps with
      seconds). From http://buster-net.ru/.

pisg (0.72) - Wed Feb, 13th 2008
    The Not Quite Valentine's Day Release.
    Language Updates:
      + Spanish: remove extra quote char (thanks Angel Olivera).
      + German: included some patches by Alexander Schuch.
      + French: updated by skiidoo, thanks (SF #1892319).
    * Parsers:
      + New parser for Konversation. Thanks ehein for the log.
      + New parser for Mozbot. Thanks Jon^ and Daeron for your work!
      + New parser for weechat. Thanks kelnoky for the log.
    * Fix -ne option in manpage (thanks Justin Piszcz, Debian #430946).
    * Apply patch by Teemu Koskinen to use sprintf for rounding in

pisg (0.71) - Wed Feb, 14th 2007
   The Valentine's Day Release.
     + Ship manpage source pisg.sgml in release, fix first paragraph.
     + IRCAP.pm has been in CVS for 3 years but wasn't shipped in the
    * Parsers:
      + Update for miau.pm for miau 0.6.x (mnh, jha)
      + Fix ShowOnlyTop to use only ActiveNicks (SF #1604942).
      + Add links in documentation on ShowOnlyTop.
      + Correct most used word/most referenced nick with cache (SF #1424050).
    Language Updates:
      + Finnish: updated by Matti Peltola with help from atheos and Daeron.
      + Estonian: fix lastseen1,2 (thanks Hannes Tarien).

pisg (0.70) - Thu Sep, 14th 2006
   * Bug fixes:
     + Added missing '>' (SF #1550312).
     + Fix typo in docs (SF #1550765).
     + The manpage file released with 0.69 was empty, sorry.
       Thanks to Julien Danjou for spotting.
     + Fix some typos in manpage and --help text.

pisg (0.69) - Wed Aug, 31st 2006
   * PISG Bug fixes:
     + Fixing several occurences of "Use of uninitialized
       value in substitution (s///)" (SF #1354920)
   * PUM Bug fixes:
     + Missing and unclear documentation in pum.conf
   * PUM Features:
     + Acknowledging the deletion of a user now with buttons instead
       of links so search engines won't follow the links and delete 
       all users.
     + Raising PUM version to 3.2
   * Bug fixes:
     + Fix ActiveNicks2 display when ActiveNicks is not divisible by 5
       (thanks to Ian Rutson).
     + Add patch by Teemu Koskinen to speed up karma parsing (SF #1489060).
   * Parsers:
     + Finally add miau parser by Kresten Kjeldgaard.
   * Bug fixes:
     + Fix urlencode to encode '&' (thanks to Thomas Whaples).
     + Fix double class if hicell/hicell2 is set to "" (thanks RaZ for
       spotting this).
     + Fix bug when having multiplie languages defined and they use
       different charsets (iconv left to next language).
     + Fix tablewidthbug when running with multiplie outputs (thanks Daeron
       for this note).
     + Fix minortypo in HTMLGenerator.pm (thanks Daeron).
     + Fix wordcount (thanks Daeron).
     + Use nested HTML comments in CSS to cheat XML error having "<set ..>"
       in the CSS file.
     + Fix title tooltip (SF #1492153).
     + Fix -cchannels option (SF #1369457).
     + Fix uninitialised values in charts (SF #1354920 and #1498999)
     + Fix Makefile to support the +CVS string and include it in releasename
     + Fix charts to not include "NULL" tracks. 
     + Add note about compressed files (SF #1536186)
   * Features:
     + Add "+CVS" to versionstring and remove it in Makefile when running
       'make release'. This makes snapshot easier.
     + Added some information about options pisg is run with to outputfile.
   * Parsers:
     + Add support for both the 1.0.5(stable) and the 1.1.0(devel) log format 
       of dircproxy.
     + Fix parser for psyBNC (SF #1490957).
     + Update energymech to support new timestamp format.
   Language Updates:
     + Portuguese: completed by DarkForce72.
     + Portuguese/Brazil: completed by Guilherme Barile.
     + Spanish: completed by Sentence.
     + Hebrew: competed by goldan.
     + Polish: competed by Antoni Grzymała.
     + Italian: completed by X-Drum.
     + Russian: compeled by NonExistenT.
     + Romanian: completed by Silviu Foca.
     + Slovak: completed by Michal Stano.
     + Czech: completed by Pavel Kouril.
     + Catalan: completed by Sentence.
     + Estonian: completed by pilleriin.
     + Hungarian: completed by Lajos Galambosi.
     + Turkish: completed by Gökhan.
     + Serbian: splited into SR_EC and SR_EL by Sasa Stefanovic.
     + Slovenian: completed by HeadRoom.
     + French: updated by pam_.
     + Albanian: completed by Elian.
     + Swedish: minor update.

pisg (0.68) - Mon Mar, 13th 2006
   * Bug fixes:
     + ColorScheme 'none' will generate the color gradient again, the gradient
       is dropped with HiCell="".
     + Fix <user> parsing.
     + More smileys (SF #1264834).
     + Suppress output when not writing to a terminal.
     + Print full path when config file comes from the search path.
     + Strip [brackets] from chart titles.
   * Parsers:
     + Strip nick modes in xchat format (SF #1304262).
     + Add pointer to "compatibility" theme for XChat to FORMATS.
     + Add warning on silent option to eggdrop-pisg.tcl.
     + Note that the irssi format also works for ii (wmii).
   * Features:
     + Generate stats in multiple languages in a single run.
   Language Updates:
     + English: Fix preposition (thanks, Barry Suridge).
     + French: completed by Yoda.
     + Estonian: Hannes Tarien.
     + German: Michael Weyershäuser.
     + Danish: more han/hun (he/she, thanks b0m).

pisg (0.67) - Thu Aug, 18th 2005
     + Recognize ogg and wma suffixes in song stats, complain about invalid
     + Documentation: Local options override global ones, not vice-versa.
     + Notes on using mIRC.
     + psybnc.pm: Fix ACTION pattern, require PRIVMSG on normal lines,
       fix thirdline pattern (SF #1251680).
   Torbjörn Svensson:
     + Added support for multiple channels in config with the same name.
       Even multiple channel directives for the very same channel are
       supported (closes SF tracker #967404).
     + Support 'bot' in addalias.pl.
     + Support the new Trillian format.
     + Chomp PageHead and PageFoot files.
     + Pisg User Manager (pum): replacement for addalias.pl (with Axel
     + ColorScheme 'none' will now suppress the background color in "most
       active nicks" (closes SF #1255234).
     + Die if output cannot be written (closes SF #1207883); remove some
       redundant newlines.
     * Fix minor typo in 'justgrey' colorscheme
   * Languages:
     + Dutch: small update to shout1 (thanks, Søren Jensen).
     + Dutch/Flemish: new strings added (thanks, Jeroen van Nimwegen).
     + Finnish: new strings added (thanks, Mikko Nissinen and Matti Peltola).
     + Danish/Norwegian/Swedish: completed by Torbjörn Svensson.
     + Bulgarian: thanks, Tjavdar Ivanov.
     + Polish: fix attacked1 (thanks, kot_czarny, SF #1222407).
     + Greek: new strings (thanks, Konstantinos Tzanidis).
     + German: some minor tweaks.

pisg (0.66) - Thu May, 13th 2005
   * Features:
     + Finally added support for 'asian' smiles ^^ (requested by Christian
       Garbs) and left-handed smiles (-8, improved the smiley regexps, and
       implemented new most used smileys stats.
     + Complain about invalid -cfg options (closes SF tracker #1183072 by
   * Cache:
     + Complain if CacheDir does not exist.
     + Note that caching does not work for "one big logfile" setups.
     + Latest topic was sometimes set -1 days ago (reported by Jarkko
   * Parser:
     + Update supy.pm for new log format (thanks to James Vega for the patch).
     + Add bxlog script supplied by Hannes Tarien.
   * Documentation:
     + Add correct ChartsRegexp.
     + Correct synopsis for ShowLines (thanks, Scelt).
     + Document DailyActivity (thanks coaster for spotting).
   * Bugfixes:
     + Change -n to -ne in --help output (thanks to Thomas Matthijs for the
     + Fix picking MinQuote-length quotes (closes SF tracker #1183177 by
     + Continue after empty directories were found (closes SF tracker #1184874
       by nandmaster).
     + Most referenced nicks now works for nicks containing upper case chars
       again (reported by Triper in SF tracker #1167424 and Scelt).
     + foul1 should talk about words instead of lines; fixed in Danish and
     + Fix music charts (reported by Daniel Jensen in SF #1195919).
   * Translations:
     + Updated Italian translation (thanks, Michele Venturi)
     + Fix typos in Estonian translation (thanks, Tegelane)

pisg (0.65) - Fri Apr, 15th 2005
   * Karma didn't work well with nick aliases. It's still far from perfect,
     though (thanks to Nico for the test log).
   * Fixed breakage when multiple LogDirs were given (thanks to Toni Viemerö
     for the report, SF tracker #1155433).
   * Add channel owner (~) and admin (&) chars in various parsers (reported by
     Scelt in SF tracker #1170470).
   * Recognize "Short joins" in mIRC6 and mIRC6hack (thanks, coaster).
   The "Christoph got bored in Ireland" changes:
   * Get channel music charts with ShowCharts and ChartsHistory (suggested by
     Sven in SF tracker #1164596).
   * A CacheDir can now be used to dump the results of log parsing to files.
     See the documentation for details.
   * Debug option: StatsDump.
   * Made ShowLastSeen=1 and ShowMostActiveByHourGraph=1 default.
   * More verbose config parser error messages.
   * Most active nicks timebars have mouse-over titles.
   * Update copyright years and add copyright and license to documentation.
   Updated translations:
   * French (thanks, Sébastien Bourgeois).
   * Finnish (thanks, Sami Karuaho).

pisg (0.64) - Thu Feb, 24th 2005
   * Updated translations:
     + Swedish (thanks, Torbjörn Svensson)
     + Danish
   * Updated translations:
     + Finnish (thanks, Sami Karuaho).
     + Estonian (thanks, Hannes Tarien).
     + Bulgarian (thanks, Dimitar and elseif).
     + Spanish (thanks, Anonymous).
     + Dutch (thanks, Jeroen van Nimwegen).
     + New translation: Flemish (copied from Dutch before the last update).
     + Norwegian (thanks, Andreas Blaafladt).
   * Modified the CSS files containing .male/.female classes to show sex color
     also for <a href>s (SF tracker #1088382 by Jeroen - tux2020).
   * Applied patch by Torbjörn Svensson for using alternate CSS files - thanks
     (AltColorScheme option).
   * Made Logfile accept wildcards, sanitized NFiles behaviour on multiple
   * No "Userpic" headline was shown when there were only DefaultPics.
   * Make "most used words" case-insensitive.
   * Make failure to read PageHead/PageFoot files non-fatal.
   * Applied patch by Hanno Hecker to keep only the last 50 quotes for each
     nick while parsing. Saves memory and is probably saner anyway (thanks!).
   * The "Latest Topics" section now displays the day like the "Last seen"
     column (introduce [:days] in the last seen templates, add [:date] in
     bylinetopic, swich [:nick] and [:time] around in English and German,
     lastseen1 is now "yesterday" in English/German/French - patches for other
     languages welcome!) (thanks, Christian Garbs).
   * Make the ircII format use Maintainer instead of ircIINick.
   * Documentation:
     + Add version number to title (and let the release Makefile update it).
     + Add note that Maintainer is used by some log formats.
     + State that NickTracking does not work for the Maintainer nick.

pisg (0.63) - Wed Jan, 12th 2005
   * A new option, ShowLines, for disabling the column with the number of
     lines in "Most Active Nicks" has been added.
   * Choose locally-installed pisg versions ahead of system-installed pisg
     versions. (thanks, Bruce W. Murphy)
   * Updated translations:
     + German (thanks, Igge).
     + Greek (thanks, Konstantinos Tzanidis).
     + Hebrew (thanks, shimi).
     + Swedish (thanks, Torbjörn Svensson).
   * Inhibit warning in _mostreferencednicks when a nick is referenced
     before being used first.
   * Links for users in "These didn't make it to the top" (thanks, Edward
   * irssi.pm: Recognize joins even when autorealname.pl is loaded.
   * Hint user to use a log with timestamps when no parseable lines are found.
   * Apply (and heavily sanitize) patch by Igge for "Most active genders"
     stats (enable with ShowActiveGenders="1").
   * New karma statistics (ShowKarma, KarmaHistory options).
   * New NickLimit option (affects mostnicks, gender, and karma stats).
   * docs/pisg-doc.xml: more crossrefs and clarifications.
   * Fix subtle ignorewords issue.

pisg (0.62) - Sat Dec, 11th 2004
   Changes by Christoph Berg:
   * Update mIRC script for the mIRC6hack format (thanks, coaster).
   * Warnings about missing Text::Iconv are suppressed by 'silent'.
   * Make FoulWords, ViolentWords, and IgnoreWords configurable per channel
     (required quite some black regexp magic; SF tracker #1066103 by jjp3).
   * wordlist_regexp uses quotemeta.
   * New ShowActiveNicks option (defaulting to 1).
   * Added lulubot parser (thanks, Vianney Lecroart).
   * Yet another URL parsing fix (certainly not the last).
   * CSS file can be linked to instead of being included statically;
     using "none" will make pisg omit the HTML header.
   * Documented HiCell and HiCell2 options.
   * Fixed winbot parser (SF tracker #1082554 by Warmedal).
   Changes by Morten Brix Pedersen:
   * Fixed typo in French translation.

pisg (0.61) - Sat Oct, 30th 2004
   Changes by Christoph Berg:
   * Fix warning when running on empty logs.
   * Fix &amp; conversion.
   * Rewrote URL/email parsing code (SF trackers #730899, #745483, #945302).
   * More nick sanitizing.
   * Remove whitespace around user pictures, border="0", title.
   * Formats:
     + New "mIRC6hack" format to work around braindead mIRC6 logging.
     + Fix topic parsing bug in eggdrop (SF tracker #739090 by flashcode).
   * docs/:
     + Nicer Makefile.
     + Write a single HTML file.
     + Various crossrefs.
     + Updated list of languages.
     + Grab pisg.sgml manpage from Debian package, update with new options.

pisg (0.60) - Fri Oct, 15th 2004
   Changes by Christoph Berg:
   * Clean up loop code in _mostnicks() and fix warning about calls to
   * Added scripts/eggdrop-pisg.tcl for running pisg from eggdrop (thanks,
   * Add total number of lines to status output.
   * Annotated all languages in lang.txt with charset; fixed some Russian and
   German strings.
   * Updated Norwegian translation (thanks, Andreas Blaafladt).
   * Updated Dutch translation (thanks, Tiniduske).
   * Fixed xchat2 "Topic for #chan is" parsing and added logsample (thanks,
   Brice Goglin).
   * Make BigNumbersThreshold accept only numbers and "sqrt" for security,
   use sqrt(most active nick's lines).
   * aspell'ed pisg-doc.xml.
   Changes by Morten Brix Pedersen:
   * Renamed the Danish translation to its correct abbreviation, DA instead
   of DK.
   * Updated Danish translation.
   * Fix problem with supybot log format, where the kick message became a
   part of a users nick.

pisg (0.59) - Sun Oct, 3rd 2004
   Changes by Morten Brix Pedersen:
   * Fix problem with number of rows shown when a nick has been ignored.
   (thanks, Chris Thornhill)
   * Update Windows documentation. Hopefully people will have less problems
   * alternative and title text in "active times" graphics are now the
   number of lines instead of percentage.
   Changes by Christoph Berg:
   * Make BigNumbersThreshold a perl expression; defaults to sqrt($lines).

pisg (0.58) - Thu Sep, 9th 2004
   Changes by Morten Brix Pedersen:
   * Added new option, ShowFoulDecimals which configures the number of
   decimals used in statistics in foul numbers. (thanks, Torbjörn Svensson)
   * Fix wrong references of nicks (thanks, Sascha Wessel)
   * HTML documentation now has sane filenames.
   * Documentation has been cleaned up for typos/spelling errors.
   * Replace PT translation with new one. The old one apparently wasn't
   European Portugese. (thanks, MrWho)

pisg (0.57) - Sat Aug, 28th 2004
   Changes by Christoph Berg:
   * Fix problem where NFiles didn't work when the specified values was more
   than the actual number of logfiles.
   * Sanitize nicks in _activenicks (fixes problem reported by
   shr3kst3r@hushmail.com/Andreas Blaafladt).
   * Added option BigNumbersThreshold to make previously undocumented behavior
   * Fixed warning when users didn't say any words. Thanks, Torbjörn Svensson.

pisg (0.56) - Sat Jun, 19th 2004
   * Fix parsing of energymech kick messages and modes (thanks, optika81)
   * Add colorscheme with traditional pisg (website) colors. Thanks, mite.
   * Fix many unitialized errors with rbot format.
   * Add Albanian (SQ) translation. Thanks, Elian.

pisg (0.55) - Sun May, 30th 2004
   * Added javabot support (thanks, Tobias Larsson)
   * Fix serious bug in mIRC/mIRC6 formats which caused lots of warnings to be
   * Distribute rbot.pm with release tarball, apparently it was lost at
   some stage.
   * Add LogCharset and LogCharsetFallback options. These can be used if
   your log file is in a encoding which isn't equal to your Charset
   variable. (thanks, Christoph Berg)

pisg (0.54) - Thu Apr, 1st 2004
   * Revert most of the performance improvement changes, they caused bugs.
   * Really fix topics with the mbot format.
   * Fix wrong recognizing of www URLs where "ewww" would be recognized as an

pisg (0.53) - Tue Mar, 23rd 2004
   * Several noticeable performance improvements (thanks, Hanno Hecker)
   * mIRC is no longer the default format. You have to always specify a format
   * Fix wrong counting of most referenced nicks.
   * Remove devel-code that appeared in 0.52 pisg.cfg.
   * Added support for supybot logfiles,set format to 'supy'. (thanks, Jerome
   * Fixed bug with uninitialised values in psybnc format.
   * Fixed problems with the mbot format where only the first word in a topic
   was shown.
   * Vision support wasn't being included with the tarball. Fixed.

pisg (0.52) - Fri Feb, 13rd 2004
   * Fixed a bug in the energymech format, it did not recognize join lines.
   * Fixed some bugs in the mIRC6 format.
   * Backwards-compatibility for old option names (which became deprecated in
     0.37) has been removed.
   * PicWidth and PicHeight apparently got mixed up in the last version,
   * Multiple LogDirs and LogFiles can now be specified (thanks, Nathan
   * Foul words no longer matches at the beginning or the end of the word. Eg.
   "ass" won't match "assembler" or "asshole" anymore. (thanks, Christoph
   * Support for wildcards/asterix in IgnoreWords, FoulWords and ViolentWords
   has been implemented. Eg. use "ass*" to accomplish the behaviour that was
   changed in the above entry. (thanks, Christoph Berg)
   * RegexpAliases now also applies to IgnoreWords, FoulWords and
   ViolentWords. (thanks, Christoph Berg)
   * Some minor layout changes (thanks, Christoph Berg)
   * Added Serbian (YU) translation (thanks, Garp)

pisg (0.51) - Wed Jan, 21st 2004
   * Fixed a bug in the irssi format where an action could be recognized as a
     normal line (thanks, Emil Mikulic)
   * Added a DailyActivity option, which shows the activity in the channel of
     the last N days. Disabled by default. (thanks, sektor).
   * Fixed wrong example documentation for PicWidth and PicHeight (thanks,
     Dennis Prebendorf).
   * (Previously undocumented) setting UserPics allows to turn on/off user
     pictures per channel and to place more than one picture per row to avoid
     blowing up the table's height. (Christoph Berg)
   * User pictures and DefaultPic may now contain * and ? to choose a random
     picture from ImageGlobPath. (Christoph Berg)
   * Made all picture heights integer. (Christoph Berg)
   * Add support for Vision logs (thanks, Vegard Wærp)
   * Timebars in "Most active users" now have a hover text which shows how
   many lines a used wrote in that period of a time (thanks, oxman)

pisg (0.50) - Mon Nov, 17th 2003
   * Added NFiles option, which can be used for LogDirs to only parse the last
     N files (thanks, Christoph Berg)
   * Added OutputTag option, which enables users to have variable output names
     (see documentation). (thanks, Christoph Berg)
   * Improve addalias.pl, allow upper case letters in nicknames. (thanks,
     Christoph Berg)
   * Emil Mikulic used 'pngcrush' on the .png files in gfx/ to make their size
     much smaller, thanks. You should overwrite your old png files with these
     new ones.
   * Distribute raw docbook (SGML) documentation (docs/pisg-doc.sgml)
   * Add half-op (+h) support to the xchat format (thanks, Jaff Har Har)
   * Fix a problem with irssi logs, where a topic was understood as a saying.
     (thanks, jikuja)
   * Add support for IRCAP logs (thanks, ArCePi)
   * Fix parsing of dircproxy logs (thanks, s-schwardt)

pisg (0.49) - Sun Sep, 14th 2003
   * Make the HTML output XHTML compliant again (thanks, Stian Jordet)
   * Add a bullet conversion character to Common.pm (thanks, Stian Jordet)
   * Added support for rbot logs (thanks, Anders Bach Nielsen)
   * Support for muh2 logs (muh 2.2 and later) (thanks, Sebastian Erlhofer)
   * Add hebrew language translation (thanks, shimi)
   * Add Bulgarian language translation (thanks, m9ck)
   * Updated Icelandic translation (thanks, Einar Jonsson)

pisg (0.48) - Wed Apr, 29th 2003
   * Add new option, MostNicksVerbose (enabled by default). When this option
     is disabled, instead of having a full list of nicknames in "most
     referenced nicks", only the number of nicks used will be listed. (thanks,
     David Lynch)
   * When no PicHeight is set, don't set the height attribute on images.
     Likewise with PicWidth.
   * Quote < and > to &lt; and &gt; even in non-default character set
   * Ignore more 'actions' in mIRC6 format that are actually status messages
   * Fix problem with muh format and action lines (thanks, Kevin Bralten)
   * The irssi logformat now also works when the timestamping includes
   * Added orange_grey colorscheme (thanks, maggic).
   * PicWidth and PicHeight settings now also works for DefaultPic option.

pisg (0.47) - Wed Feb, 26th 2003
   * Fix bug where multiple URLs in same line would have save name as first URL
     (EG: <A HREF="http://www.google.com">http://www.yahoo.com</A> if yahoo
      was referenced first)
   * Update config parser to match the same character and only the same
     character (" or ') that started the quote to end the string.
     (Will now accept <set foo="you're"> correctly, before it would have parsed
     it as <set foo="you">. Will now NOT work with mis-matched quotes... which
     it probably never should have. EG: <set foo="bar'>)
   * Fix bug in xchat format - was not recognizing joins
   * Fix really old bug with foulwords - was only applying the wordbreak settings
     to the first and last words in the list of foulwords.  Now applies it to
     each word.
   * Add note to lang.txt that the <set lang="XX"> line should be inserted into
     the configuration file. Some users were confused about this.
   * Add config option "NoIgnoredQuotes" - will not output quotes containing
     ignored words if this is set.  Will output a blank line after trying 20
     random quotes if all 20 random quotes were ignored.
   * Add support for HydraIRC logfiles (thanks, David Lynch)
   * When a logfile had no matching lines according to the format, pisg
     outputted that no lines were found in the logfile. This was confusing
     because files in the wrong format usually contained lines. Now be more
   * ShowOps option added. Has similar effect as ShowVoices and ShowHalfops.

pisg (0.46) - Tue Feb, 11th 2003
   * Fix serious bug which caused garbled output i "Latest topics" and other
     places with URLs.
   * The default for the QuoteWidth option has been changed to 80.
   * Be in-casesensitive on charsets.
   * Small translations update to lang.txt

pisg (0.45) - Wed Feb, 5th 2003
   * Fix 3 small gramattical errors in english language. (thanks Cheetah)
   * Add half-op support to irssi format. (thanks, arsonist)
   * Fix a bug/crash with the DCpp format when a nick contained special
   * Added justgrey colorscheme (thanks, Jens Bergmann)
   * Update URL for oer format in docs/FORMATS (thanks, EQU)
   * Update irssi format to accept 1 or more spaces before * for action lines
     instead of requiring 2
   * Add modified version of patch from minicus - allows browser to split words
     at QuoteWidth number of characters into any given word, without splitting
     URL's (new config option)
   * When CharSet is not 'iso-8859-1' or 'iso-8859-15', don't provide
     conversions for characters. Fixes problems for many other languages, e.g.
     greek, korean etc.
   * Fix bug in mIRC6 format where it didn't recognize logfiles logging seconds
   * Fix bug in mIRC6 format where it didn't recognize kicks of the maintainer
   * Added support for sirc format (thanks bartko)
   * Added support for blootbot format (thanks, Tim Riker)
   * Added support for dircproxy format.
   * Move 'valign="middle"' statements out of <img> blocks to <td> blocks where
     they belong.  According to HTML validator, valign is an invalid attribute
     for an <img> statement.  (see http://validator.w3.org/)

pisg (0.44) - Sun Dec, 15th 2002
   * Fixed an error in the mIRC6 format which caused pisg to abort on some
   * mirc2egg script updated.
   * The random line in "Most Active Nicks" now wraps words that are longer
     than 40 characters. (thanks, glen)
   * Check if a userpic link begins with http:// -- if so, dont prepend image
     directory to URL
   * Look for a nick that has been referenced before in attacks, if one is not
     in the line fall back to using word following attack word
   * Chop lines added to sayings to the length of maxquote (so we don't have
     super long quotes showing up - BugID#594618)
   * Only match emails if it begins at the beginning of a line or after
     something other than ':' URL on that line. Fixes BugID#618540
   * Strip DOS Formatting from files - Fixes space at end of line BugID#628580
   * Fixed bug in hour tracking - Formats hours to 2 digits correctly now,
     previously was only forcing to 2 digit times if there was a time offset
     configured.  Fixes BugID#632883
   * Fixed bug - shouldn't have been grabbing 2 parts of the pircbot string
     to variables, was part of Rev 1.3 but apparently I forgot to actually put
     in that part.  Thanks Marc Roberts for pointing this out. BugID#651485
   * Added support for 'DC++' format, used by Direct Connect hub chat
   * Fixed bug in infobot format -- was matching any line that began lowercase
     as an action line.  Infobot does not log actions in a recognizable format
     ... I even examined the output in hex to be sure.  Fix BugID#652239
   * Fixed a bug in logsuffix handling where pisg would blow up if the
     'logsuffix' expression did not return dates for every filename.  It will
     now not parse any files that logsuffix does not match.

pisg (0.43) - Fri Nov, 22th 2002
   * Add "ShowOnlyTop" option which can be used if you only want to have stats
     for the users which appeared in the "Most Active Nicks" (top talkers)
     section. (thanks, mincus)
   * Fix voice/devoice detection with xchat format.
   * mIRC6 format wasn't actually distributed with pisg, it is now.
   * mirc2egg.sed script added in the scripts/ folder, it's used to convert
     mIRC logs to eggdrop logs. (thanks, Geoff Simmons)
   * Hopefully fix xchat logs interpreting asterixs as the nick.
   * If a sex has been specified for a user in pisg.cfg, that user will now
     have a sex-dependent color in the stats page. (E.g. one color for males,
     another for females etc.) (thanks, Olivier 'Babar' Raginel)
   * For languages which have a general unknown-sex verb, this can now be
     specified. E.g. French has 'un' for male, 'une' for females and 'un(e)'
     as a general unknown-sex verb. (thanks, Gaël Roualland)

pisg (0.42) - Fri Nov, 1st 2002
   * ircII logfile support added (thanks, James Andrewartha)
   * Changed behavior of most active nicks to print an action line if no
     normal line is available for that nick
   * Added support for formatting of "for example" lines to standard format
   * Added retarded support for retarded logformat used for mIRC6.x
   * A bug in the zcbot format where the first character would be truncated
     has been fixed (thanks, Guillaume Leclanche)
   * New 'softgreen' colorscheme (thanks, Melody Mayberry)
   * Fixed wrong reference to PicHeight in docs which should be PicWidth.
     (thanks, J Lehto)
   * The ocean colorscheme has been updated, the link-hover color is now
   * A bug which appeared with some variations of xchat logfiles have been
     fixed. (thanks, Michael Hostbaek).

pisg (0.41) - Sun Aug, 11th 2002
   * Fix a bug in the winbot logfile format where lines containing the channel
     name in a wrong case wouldn't get counted.
   * Fix a bug in the mIRC format, where characters in the nick would be
     counted as mode changes.
   * When ShowTopics was set to 0, the headline "Latest topics" was still
     shown, fixed (thanks, Kean "zakarun" Pedersen)
   * New 'ocean' colorscheme (thanks, Mikko Nissinen)
   * New 'darkred' colorscheme (thanks, Hanno Hecker)
   * mIRC, Trillian, perlbot and virc98 formats now strips half-op prefixes
     from nicks as well.
   * moobot logfile support added (thanks, Phil Gregory)
   * Greek language support added (thanks, Konstantinos Tzanidis)

pisg (0.40) - Thu Jul, 4th 2002
   * The "It's Summer And The Sun Is Shining"-release.
   * When ShowMostAtiveByHour was enabled, unitialized values could appear
     which caused the HTML file not to be created. (thanks, Gissehel)
   * RacBot logfile support added (thanks, Hanno Hecker)
   * kvirc logfile support added (thanks, wwp)
   * Correct pircbot.pm to work with !channel, &channel and +channel in 
     addition to #channel (thanks, Hanno Hecker)
   * Half-op statistics (+h), enabled by ShowHalfops. (thanks, crazycat)

pisg (0.39) - Tue May, 14th 2002
   * ShowFoulLine option added (thanks, Adam Spiers <adam@spiers.net>).
   * The "foul-words" counting is now done word-wise instead of line-wise
     (thanks, Adam Spiers <adam@spiers.net>)
   * Files in a LogDir is now run through alphabetically incase-sensitive
     (thanks, Gissehel <gissehel-pisggene@giss.mine.nu>)
   * --prefix commandline option wasn't working, fixed.
   * Slovak translation added (thanks, Gabriel Svajko <snowman@ew.sk>)
   * Russian translation added (thanks, Anton Tretiakov, <manager@ykt.ru)
   * The 'bgpic' option has been removed (you should use CSS instead)
   * "Most Active Nicks By Hour" added, new options:
     - ShowMostActiveByHour
     - ShowMostActiveByHourGraph
     - ActiveNicksByHour
     (thanks, Gissehel <gissehel-pisggene@giss.mine.nu>)
   * A problem with links in Trillian log formats has been fixed (thanks,
     Hanno Hecker <hanno-pisg@bee.de>)
   * A problem with multiple mode changes (+vv, +oo) in Trillian format has
     been fixed.
   * README has been polished/modified
   * It's now possible to include different configuration files using a new
     <include ... > syntax (thanks, Hanno Hecker <hanno-pisg@bee.de>)
   * Changes thanks to Matthew "Cheetah" Gabeler-Lee (<msg2@po.cwru.edu>):
    * A ShowWordTime option now exists that works the same as ShowLineTime,
      but uses word stats
    * SortByWords option added
    * Foul-words matching is now more strict. It no longer matches inside a
      word, but only in the end or at the start of a word
    * --cchannels commandline option added, when a channel is specified here,
      it will be the only channel to run stats for in pisg.cfg.
    * A bug previously that could cause pisg to error out in channels with
      untalkative users in the active list when sorting by words is fixed.
    * Random quotes wrap in the output html now

pisg (0.38) - Thu Apr, 25th 2002
   * Grammar fixes in documentation (thanks, Azhrarn <diablo2@krock.com>)
   * Added support for pircbot (http://www.jibble.org/pircbot.php)
   * Note added to docs/FORMATS file about oer format limitations (thanks, EQU
   * Icelandic translation added (thanks, Birkir <dkf@visir.is>)
   * scripts/windows-ftp-upload.txt has been added; a sample script and
     description on how to upload files automatically on Windows. (thanks,
   * A old configuration option appeared on commandline when doing pisg --help
   * Configuration options renamed: pic_width => PicWidth, pic_height =>
     PicHeight, pic_loc => PicLocation. Documentation also added.
   * Split up the documentation of options into different categories, for
     better overview.
   * Fix minor typo in bxlog formats which caused joins to a channel not being
     registered properly (thanks, comcute <comcute@blastnet.ee>)
   * A dutch translation appeared in the English version of pisg; fixed.
   * Nicktracking wasn't working with the irssi logfile format, fixed (thanks,
     Matthäus Wander <jonny_b.good@gmx.de>)
   * Time-bars are now centered properly
   * Czech translation added (thanks, Jaroslav Ostadal <s98704@tacheon.dkm.cz>)

pisg (0.37) - Mon Apr, 8th 2002
   * The "lets clean up and move things around"-release
   * pisg.pl has been renamed to pisg
   * Colors/layout options has been removed. You now control the HTML page
     by using CSS. The 'layout' directory contains the default CSS file. Also,
     you are encouraged to provide your own CSS files for pisg so we can have
     different themes, send them to me and they will become a part of pisg :-)
   * Options has been renamed, the underscore has been removed, but they can
     still be used with a small warning.
   * prefix option has been renamed to LogPrefix
   * foul option has been renamed to FoulWords
   * The 'use_activetime_alt' option has been removed, not needed.
   * There is now an "MostNicksHistory" option to define how many nicks you
     want to have in the "Most Used Nicks" box
   * Some HTML columns were missing their end-tag when no voices had been
     made. Fixed.
   * It was not possible to use the LogSuffix option before, it's now working
   * 'names/name' is now translateable in the 'Most Used Nicks' section.
   * Remove CONFIG-README, obsoleted by new and better doc/pisg-doc.txt and
   * Nicks ignored are now properly ignored in 'Most Used Nicks'
   * pisg warned about an unrecognized line in the configuration file when you
     had empty lines in the channel section. Fixed.
   * When dealing with multiple channels; aliases, ignores etc. would get
     passed on to the next channel, so you could see nicks appearing which
     never existed on that channel. Fixed. This should also give a performance
   * When using the TimeOffset option, the wrong hours was highlighted both in
     the vertical and horizontal bars - fixed. (thanks, Mircea Ionut Bardac)
   * When nicktracking is on, if a nick was changed but also appeared as a                     
     regex-alias, an errornous new alias would be created (thanks,
     Phil Gregory) 
   * mIRC-logfiles were not recognizing nick-changes, fixed (Sam Bingner)
   * Support for muh-bouncer logs (thanks, Sebastian Erlhofer & Bastian
   * Support for dancer-bot logs (thanks, Elmar Hoffmann)
   * Support for energymech bot (thanks, Torsten Karwoth)
   * Support for virc98 logs (thanks,  HceZar  <hcezar@freemail.it>)
   * Romanian translation added (thanks, Vlad <vlad@ifrance.com>)
   * The usual translation updates.

pisg (0.36) - Fri Feb, 8th 2002
   * Many translation updates (thanks all)
   * Add new translation templates to translate the bottom of the stats page
   * Add Portugese/Brazil translation(PT-BR) (thanks Peter <peter@brasnet.org>)
   * addalias.pl script v2.2 by Jens Bergmann <gimmick@1cu.de>, see the
     changes in the README in scripts/addalias/
   * The lang option is no longer case sensitive
   * "Most used nicks" no longer thinks that two differently cased nicks are
     different nicks.
   * Action lines fixed in axur format (thanks, Andrew <andy@lewman.com>)
   * Fix serious bug in addalias.pl where a nick with a metacharacter in it
     would wipe out whole config (thanks for the report, Jens Bergmann)

pisg (0.35) - Sat Jan, 26th 2002
   * Translate mouse-over items (eg. "Open in new window: URL")
   * Support for oer bot logfiles (thanks to EQU <equ@equnet.org>)
   * Support for perlbot logfiles (thanks to Travis Roy <travis@scootz.net>)
   * Add -v / --version commandline option
   * Fix a rare bug where a user with only one line, and no words were causing
     unitialized values error.
   * Many fixes to axur logfile format (thanks, Andrew <andy@lewman.com>)
   * Fix to irssi logfile handling, where a user was recognized as a mode
     (thanks, David Leadbeater <dgl@dgl.cx>)
   * Support new xchat logfile format (from 1.8.6 and up)
   * Add "show_mostnicks" feature (thanks to "ST8" <st8@barrysworld.com>),
     this adds a box on the stats page showing how many different nick uses
     people had
   * Fix bug in documentation, which said nicktracking was enabled by default,
     but it really isn't.
   * The addalias.pl script is no longer case sensitive when updating nicks
     already in the config file

pisg (0.34) - Tue, Jan 8th 2002
   * New option 'show_topics', to enable/disable 'last topics'
   * New feature 'bigpic' for users, see CONFIG-README. 'bigpic' will link to
     a bigger picture (thanks, Phil Gregory)
   * axur logfile support (thanks to Andrew <andy@lewman.com>)
   * Nicks in 'most referenced nicks' is now being aliased properly, the
     "number of uses" wasn't being incremented for the aliases (thanks to Phil
     Gregory and The Paladin)
   * bobot++ logfile support added (thanks to Oct@zoy.org)
   * New option 'nickhistory' to define the maximum number of nicks in 'most
     referenced nicks' (as suggested by Zapp <box@uni.de>)
   * The usual slew of translation updates

pisg (0.33) - Tue, Dec 20th 2001
   * The "Merry Christmas" release
   * Internet Explorer 6 centered all table contents, fixed.
   * Trillian logfile support added (thanks to Azhrarn <Azhrarn@winbot.co.uk>)
   * Remove a lot of debugging code which was never really used, this should
     give a small increase in performance
   * 'show_voices' wasn't working, fixed (thanks, Stefan D.)
   * Small bugfix to pisg.cfg parsing
   * Add 'pagefoot' option, works like the 'pagehead function' (thanks Jean
   * Filter URLs with ampersands, & -> &amp; (thanks Jean Delvare)
   * Changed README a bit
   * Add 'wordshistory' configuration option, to define how many words to be
     in 'most used words'

pisg (0.32) - Sun, Dec 9th 2001
   * infobot log support added by Nicholas Frampton <whyrl@avians.net>
   * HTML changes:
      - Convert stats page to use more CSS, never use 'bgcolor' HTML attribute.
      - Make the page XHTML compatible, and use XHTML 1.0 Transititional doctype. 
   * When a logfile had the same topic multiple times, all of the same topics
     was being shown on the stats page, now duplicate topics is removed.
   * The hour being highlighted in 'most active times' is now the hour with
     most activity, if you want to highlight the hour which the stats are
     being generated in, use 'use_activetime_alt'
   * More improvements to pisg.cfg parsing
   * irssi logfile fixes:
     - Was interpreting nicks with '-' in it incorrectly.
     - Topics wasn't being displayed correctly
   * All configuration options in CONFIG-README can now be specified on
     commandline, eg. 'pisg.pl --cfg show_wpl=1 --cfg show_cpl=1'

pisg (0.31) - Mon, Dec 3rd 2001
   * Fix serious bug where pisg would end up in an endless loop when multiple
     URLs were on a line.
   * More improved parsing: pisg will now complain if a configuration option
     is used, which doesn't exist in the real world.
   * Fix some documentation bugs
   * Report the right line number when displaying parse errors in pisg.cfg

pisg (0.30) - Sun, Dec 2nd 2001
   * New feature: 'show_lastseen' - will add a column in the stats to display
     when the user was last seen on the channel.
   * When using mIRC logs which have a prefix (eg. <@osama> hi!), the prefix
     will be removed automatically, works for both @ and +.
   * New 'urlhistory' option added to define the maximum number of URLs to
     show in 'most referenced URLs'
   * zcbot (http://zcbot.sourceforge.net/) support added by Mo-Ize <mo-ize@pas-tres.net>
   * Preliminary support for 'ircle' logformats
   * Also translate the title of stats page
   * More precise docs, to document the defaults of the options.
   * When a topic or a line had multiple URLs/e-mails, only the first one was
     replaced by a link, fixed (thanks, Zapp <box@uni.de>)
   * Add 'logsuffix' option, to get around problem with eggdrop logs not being
     sorted correctly.
   * 'wordlength' was applying to nicks in 'most referenced nicks' as well,
     don't do that.
   * Improved parsing of config file. pisg will now complain if a line isn't
     what it's supposed to be.
   * Lines with only a single smiley, eg. '<user> :P' got counted as a
     UPPERCASE line, now ignored.

pisg (0.29) - Sat, Nov 10th 2001
   * When using multiple channels, and not all channels have user pics, it was
     showing a big empty coloumn with no userpics. Now it checks whether any
     users in top xx has a userpic, and if yes, add the coloumn.
   * Additionaly, users can force pictures of a channel with the new
     'userpics="n"' option. (This could be useful if a nick appears on many
     channels, but you only want the userpics on one..)
   * New version of addalias.pl by deadlock <deadlock@cheeseheadz.net>:
       - Doesn't need addalias.htm anymore, addalias.pl takes care of everything
       - Can dynamically change user data when a nick is already added in the
         config file
       - Improved error handling
       - Improved code
   * Can now show voices/devoices like the showing of ops/deops, disabled by
     default. Can be enabled with <set show_voice="1">
   * A relative URL to the pisg image bars can now be defined with 'pic_loc',
     defaults to current dir.
   * Counted 'http://name.com/' differently from 'http://name.com' - fixed.
   * Fixed bug where mbot logs didnt count lines with only a 1 digit day
     value, thanks to Teemu Ikonen <tpikonen@pcu.helsinki.fi>
   * Add support for winbot logfiles (www.winbot.co.uk) by Azhrarn
   * Updates to Swedish translation (thanks to Andreas Henriksson
   * Fix bug where when you had less than 5 urls in 'most referenced urls',
     one wasn't being shown. (thanks Hanno Hecker)
   * 'Hello' and 'hello' are no longer treated as seperate words in 'Most
     Referenced Words'
   * Added Estonian translation by comcute <comcute@surfdata.ee>
   * Added Italian translation by Pascal Brax
   * Added Catalan translatino by Roger Utgés (Nikoru) <nikoru@menta.net>

pisg (0.28) - Sun, Oct 21th 2001
   * Added Hungarian translation by Gyuri Horak <dyuri@dyuri.org>
   * Performance improvements in HTML generation
   * Fix bug where the 'These didn't make it to the top' section wasn't being
     shown on the stats page when 'activenicks2' was less than the people in
     the top 25.
   * New options:
     - 'show_activetimes' enable/disable 'Most Active Times' section.
     - 'show_bignumbers' enable/disable 'Big Numbers' and 'Other Interesting
       Numbers' section.
   * The numbers below the timebars in 'Most Active Times' wasnt using the
     'rankc' color option, it now does, and additionally adds a color
     'hi_rankc' for highlighted ranks.
   * A topic like "<Joe> blah blah blah" was showing up as "blah blah blah" in
     'latest topics' - fixed.
   * Hopefully fix pisg on Win32.
   * Add charset to the HTML page to make validator.w3.org happy, it's user
     defineable with the new 'charset' option, default is 'iso-8859-1'.
   * The color of the links in the bottom of the page (not in tables) can be
     set by the new 'bg_link', 'bg_hlink' and 'bg_vlink' options.
   * New option: 'default_pic' makes it possible to display a default picture
     for a user if no picture defined. For example to display a picture
     showing 'No picture available.'

pisg (0.27) - Sun, Oct 7th 2001
   * Stats page was showing [:total] instead of the actual number, fixed.
   * Added Slovenian translation by Ales Tepina <ales.tepina@guest.arnes.si>
   * Updates to various language templates
   * Cleaned up addalias script (scripts/addalias/), it now shows a prettier
     page, and it's now possible to add the sex of a user as well.
   * It's now possible to ignore unwanted URLs in 'most referenced urls':
     <link url="http://www.mydomain.com" ignore="y">

pisg (0.26) - Mon, Oct 1st 2001
   * Internet Explorer interpreted width="" and height="" as a picture of 0x0
     pictures, fix so we dont set empty values.
   * Updates to French template by Mouky <mouky@m6net.fr> and aNa|0Gue
   * Add --silent switch to pisg; makes pisg quiet, and only display error
     messages. (thanks, S. William Schulz)
   * Added Finish translation by Kirler@paincreators <kirler@letku.net>
   * Added missing template, 'bylinetopic', to translate "by <nick> on <time>"
     in lang.txt
   * Hopefully fix a lot of problems with FindBin permission problems.

pisg (0.25) - Wed, Sep 26th 2001
   * Fixed days counting wrong when using logdir option.
   * New options by Patrick Aussems:
     - show_mrn, disable/enable most referenced nicks
     - show_mru, disable/enable most referenced urls
     - show_muw, disable/enable most used words
     - show_randquote, disable/enable the showing of the random quotes
   * More flexibility to irssi logfile format, will now work with more irssi
     logfile configurations. (David Leadbeater)
   * Some fixes for eggdrop format where the nick was in nick!user@host
   * Added new options 'pic_width' and 'pic_height', enables people to specify
     the sizes of userpictures.

pisg (0.24) - Mon, Sep 24th 2001
   * Logdirs not working, fixed.
   * Fix bug where it posted garbage on stats page where it should say
   * Small changes/corrections to psybnc format (Marco Dieckhoff)
   * Kickers and 'victims' (/me beats john) wasn't being ignored, fixed.

pisg (0.23) - Sun, Sep 23th 2001
   * Support irssi logfiles
   * Support psybnc logfiles
   * Topics in mIRC format wasn't being recognized. Fixed.
   * Don't go beserk when the logfile doesn't contain any data; just tell it
     to the user.
   * Fix: Don't show empty quotes on the stats page.
   * More work on the object oriented goal of pisg:
      - cleanups, don't use globals in modules, define these in the object.
      - add HTMLGenerator.pm, and move all HTML generation code from pisg.pl
        to this new module.
      - New module Pisg.pm brings the rest of the main code into it's own
        module, this means that Pisg is no longer dependent of pisg.pl.

        Again, please report back if you find any trouble with any of these

   * Better logic when no channels are defined. Instead of just defaulting to
     #channel and channel.log, then force the user to define these on either
     commandline or in the config file. This should be better for first-time
   * Ship developer docs in docs/dev/ instead of just dumping it in docs/,
     docs/ should be for end users.
   * Various updates to language templates

pisg (0.22) - Sat, Sep 15th 2001
   * pisg.cfg now supports regexs in user.cfg when 'regexp_aliases' is
     enabled. (thanks, Phil Gregory)
   * When using logdirs, files is now sorted properly, so files are read in the
     right order (thanks, Sascha Lüdecke)
   * A bunch of English grammar corrections (thanks, Phil Gregory)
   * Words like //www is now being ignored as they should.
   * Instead of 'slaps' we now have 'violence', so one can define their own
     action lines to be counted. Like '/me hits nick on the forehead',
     configured by the 'violent' variable.
   * pisg is undergoing a large change of it's code structure, meaning that
     things will be built with modules instead of one giant Perl script,
     making it easier to maintain and read, and it will enable us to make pisg
     get data, or parse data from another source than a logfile; for example
     an SQL database, *sometime*. This means that pisg is now coming with a
     new subdir 'modules/' containing all the modules pisg need.  (thanks to
     Phil Gregory) if you expierence any problems with this change, please
     report back. 
   * Moved some documentation to a new 'docs/' folder.
   * Joins wasn't working in mIRC format, fixed.
   * Support both [HH::mm::ss] and [HH::mm] in mIRC logformats.
   * Timebars was broken when using timeoffset, showing the wrong colors
     comparing with the legend.
   * Many bugs in documentation fixed, should be cleaner now.
   * Usual minor optimizations and fixes

pisg (0.21) - Mon, Aug 27th 2001
   * Fix stupid legend bug; 0-6 should be 0-5, and 7-11 should be 6-11.
   * Added "Most referenced URLs".
   * Stop matching 'user@host blah' as a mailto link.
   * Fix a word counting bug - was counting a lot less words than in the
     previous version.
   * Supplied some extra info to the 'got kicked' stats, now it shows an
     example kick line from the stats. (Thanks to Michael Dales for 
   * The same for 'most slaps', 'most slapped', 'most actions' and
     'most shouted' stats. Every option has it's own activation_variable,
     see CONFIG-README for more infos
   * Display the remaining nicks on the stats page (those who didnt reach the
     stats at all)
   * Display the total count of topics that were set
   * Some small HTML validation fixes
   * Fix: pisg didn't find the alias for the kicker.
   * Stop hardcoding filenames in 'legend'
   * Removed support for unnamed arguments on commandline, everyone should now
     use the named arguments. (For example you must do 'pisg.pl -l
     logfile-name', and not just do 'pisg.pl chan logfile format maintainer')
   * Add support for 'sex' for users in pisg.cfg, this will make the stats
     always mention text with the right sex when saying for example 'she was
     very ..'
   * Updated Spanish translation from Sheuron
   * Add support for mbot logs (http://darksun.com.pt/mbot/)
   * Some nice speedup improvements

pisg (0.20) - Tue, Aug 14th 2001
   * Add 'bgpic' config setting for the possibility to add a userdefined
     background picture to the page (Vetinari)
   * If pisg can't find the config file in the current directory (when running
     from crontab), then try opening the config file in which pisg.pl resides
   * <words foul="..."> is now known as <set words="...">
   * Add new options 'show_wpl' and 'show_cpl', this enables user to view the
     'chars per line' and 'words per line' in the 'most active nicks',
     disabled by default.
   * New option 'show_time', this will display a small bar in the 'most active
     nicks' of when the respective people actually speak. [enabled]
   * Because of the above change, there is new png files for pisg, remember to
     use the new ones and not the old ones! (thanks Christian Legler)
   * Remember to distribute the 'FORMATS' file (was missed in the last two
   * Swedish translation (thanks to Andreas Henriksson)
   * New feature: 'Most actions'
   * Add option 'show_legend' which can be used if you want to show the legend
     for the different times..
   * New option 'ignorewords' which is to be used if you want to ignore some
     words in the stats.
   * Usual cleanups and improvements

pisg (0.19) - Tue, Aug 7th 2001
   * Fix critical bug where <channel="#chan"> in pisg.cfg didn't work at all.
   * Warn the user when a translation template doesn't exist for a specific
     language (so people know why some of the stats is in English, and
     hopefully encourages people to send in the missing template(s))
   * Don't try parsing . and .. 'files' in a directory when using logdir
   * Small updates to Danish translation
   * Small bug in documentation fixed

pisg (0.18) - Mon, Aug 6th 2001

   * Added pisg.cfg support which now obsoletes user.cfg, in this file
     everything should be set, instead of in the script - this makes it easier
     upgrading pisg. Read CONFIG-README in order to "understand" it.
   * Commandline option -c is now -ch
   * Uncompress files with *.gz and *.bz2 automatically (Sascha Lüdecke)
   * Add new feature --prefix, this works on commandline so you only get logs
     starting with what you specify, for example -p '#mychan' will only get
     dir/#mychan* files. (Sascha Lüdecke)
   * Fix op tracking with bxlog logs
   * Added Foulwords-Variable to pisg.cfg
   * Make pisg die when there is no files in logdir
   * Portugese translation (thanks to JaMiR0W <jamirow@ig.com.br>)
   * Norweigan translation (thanks to Andreas Blaafladt)
   * Dutch translation (thanks to Pyrofikiemaan)
   * New feature: 'Those who couldnt control the shift key and wrote UPPERCASE'
   * New feature: 'Who got slapped the most'
   * New feature; 'Average words per line'
   * Stop copying CVS dirs with distribution
   * Also count words in actions, and a new feature: 'most words' (thanks to
     Hanno Hecker)
   * Updated a lot of documentation (README and CONFIG-README), you should
     reread it ;)
   * The usual small improvements (and bug additions)

pisg (0.17) - Sat, July 28th 2001

   * Timezone offset now understands two digits as it should
   * The 'time bars' were broken, fix them.
   * Spanish translation (thanks to Sheuron Azxe)
   * Polish translation (thanks to Gandalf the Grey)
   * Moved translations over to new file -> lang.txt, to remove bloat in
   * Fixed a few minor bugs

pisg (0.16a) - Wed, July 25th 2001

   * Forgot to remove some debugging :(

pisg (0.16) - Wed, July 25th 2001

   * Danish translation (thanks to Kim Ingemann aka Tuxi)
   * Fixed some unitialized values which came up in some situations
   * Eggdrop log had 'last message repeated x times' - pisg didn't understood
     this before, now it does! :) (thanks to Jamie Cheetham).
   * French translation (thanks Molator)
   * Also use the timeoffset in 'most active times'
   * Started to distribute various scripts with pisg:
     - 'dropegg.pl' - takes a bunch of eggdrop logs and converts them into
       mIRC format (Emil Mikulic <darkmoon7@optushome.com.au>)
     - 'addalias.pl' - webinterface for allowing users to add their own stuff
       to the users.cfg file. (Doomshammer <doomshammer@doomshammer.yi.org>)
     - 'crontab' - small file explaining how to use pisg with crontab

pisg (0.15) - Fri, July 20th 2001

   * Fixed bug where grufti-logfiles wouldn't ignore oppers.
   * Fixed pisg dying when there is no action and normallines in logfile
   * Also strip mIRC bold and underline codes
   * Nick tracking code optimized
   * Eggdrop logs were logging server mode changes.. fixed.
   * The 'active times' bars should now be more logical and always have a max
     height of 100px
   * Added new users.cfg file which obsoletes aliasfile and ignorefile
   * New feature: ability to add user pictures to stats
   * New feature: ability to add user links to stats (homepages, e-mail)
   * Made a big code change so it now supports somekind of template system so
     pisg can support more than one language
   * German language support added (thanks Winfried aka Doomshammer)
   * Now shows the time when the topic was changed in 'Latest topics'.
   * Thousands of small things which I forgot.
   * Removed the documentation for unnamed arguments on the commandline..
     people should start using the named arguments (--logfile, -f etc.)

pisg (0.14) - Mon, July 16th 2001

   * 'Most referenced nicks' and 'most used words' now ignores the nicks in
   * 'Most used words' now ignores nicks
   * Fixed critical bug; --format wasn't working. (thanks S. William Schulz)

pisg (0.13) - Sun, July 15th 2001 

   * New feature: Now supports 'grufti' (bot) logfiles.
   * New feature: Now supports 'bxlog' (logging script for bitchx) logfiles
   * Improved some debugging
   * Cleaned up a lot of code, so it's structured better - less global
     variables and everything is now in subs, also found some variables which
     weren't used.. so it should be more correct and more efficient now
   * Fix up some speed in the kicking stats... it was doing the same grep twice
   * Fixed a stupid bug which caused pisg to die if the alias.txt wasn't
   * Really fix typo, sherif -> sheriff
   * Added a FORMATS file explaining the supported fileformats, and updated
     the README accordingly
   * Added a new feature where one can specify a log directory, and then pisg
     will run through all the files in the directory and combine them into one
     big html file.
   * -d on commandline now specifies logdir instead of debugging (removed)
   * Also added --aliasfile and --ignorefile as commandline options.

pisg (0.12) - Thu, July 12th 2001 

   * Strip mIRC color codes (Sam Bingner)
   * New feature: Support eggdrop logformats (Sam Bingner)
   * Track nicks/aliases dynamically [as an option] (Sam Bingner)
   * Added better commandline arguments (like --channel=#blah) and pisg now
     has a cool usage --help option. (thanks S. William Schulz)
   * xchat logformats which are indented should now be supported
   * New feature: 'most fouls' (bad language)
   * New feature: 'shortest lines' (as opposite to longest lines)
   * Added $timeoffset so people can get times in their own time zones. 
   * It's now possible to define a pageheader file which can be included on
     the HTML page, with $pageheader
   * Changed 'no topics' text 

pisg (0.11) - Fri, June 29th 2001
   * Before http:// didn't get counted as a smiley, now "all" protocols
     doesn't get counted as smilies (ftp://, gohper://).
   * Fixed typo, sherif -> sheriff
   * Changed the appearence of 'most ref nicks/words', email me if you don't
     like it.. :)
   * Also add some fade stuff to the 'most active nicks'
   * Topic history variable wasn't used, fixed.
   * Replace & with &amp;
   * Replace URLs and e-mail addys in 'random quote' and 'last topic' to HTML
   * Some other small changes which I forgot

pisg (0.10) - Fri, June 22th 2001
   * The 'Im going on vacation'-release. Fixes very small things.
   * Small bug in counting kicker/kicked person when using xchat - fixed.
   * Fixed a bug where some lines didn't catch up the alias for a nick
   * Join counting was broken.. fixed.
   * Use 'px' to define font sizes instead of 'pt' in CSS.
   * Fix some colors in the page which couldn't get set by variables in the
   * Other small changes

pisg (0.09) - Tue, June 5th 2001
   * Some small improvements in the count of sadfaces/smilies
   * New features:
     - 'most used words'
     - 'most referenced nick'
   * Rewrote a LOT of the format dependent code, now it's very easy adding
     new IRC log formats
   * Fixed random bugs here and there
   * The usual small, nice code enhancements.

pisg (0.08) - Sat, April 14th 2001

   * Documentation updates (remember to up the version number :))
   * A lot of nice changes from Vetinary <iranitev@gmx.net>:
     - 'op/deop stats'
     - 'join stats'
     - 'action counting'
     - 'counting of :(, :-('
   * use strict;

pisg (0.07) - Sun, March 11th 2001

   * New feature: Now supports xchat logfiles <:)
   * Should render pages 100% HTML 4.01/CSS2 compatible now
   * Some minor code cleanups (use strict; soon)

pisg (0.06) - Wed, February 21th 2001

   * Even more workarounds for small logfiles
   * More customization options
   * Now shows processtime
   * You can now specify nicks to ignore in the logfile (bots etc)
   * Now supports commandline arguments (./pisg.pl chan logfile outputfile)
   * Some speedup improvements
   * A bit more HTML 4 compliant :)

pisg (0.05) - Thu, February 15th 2001

    * New features:
      - 'Runners-up to Big numbers'
      - 'Latest topics'
    * More fixes for small logfiles
    * Enhanced 'Most active times' 
    * Speedup improvements
    * Added CREDITS file to the nice people who have contributed :)

pisg (0.04) - Fri, January 26th 2001

    * New features:
      - 'the person that smiled the most'
      - 'can now connect nicks together through alias file'
      - 'person that wrote the most monologues (5 or more lines in a row)'
    * Fixes for small logfiles
    * Restrutured code
    * More customization through variables in the top of the script

pisg (0.03) - Thu, January 11rd 2001
    * Code cleanups
    * New features:
      - 'the op who kicked most'
      - 'the one who got kicked the most'
      - 'longest lines'
    * Highlight most active hour
    * New images, 'pipe-blue.png' and 'pipe-purple.png', removed 'pipe3v.gif'
    * Updated README
    * Added Changes file

pisg (0.02) - Wed, January 3rd 2001
    * Initial release.