pisg - Perl IRC Statistics Generator

What exactly is pisg?

pisg is a so called "logfile analyzer" - it takes an IRC logfile, analyzes it, and generates some statistics from it.
A lot of people find these stats amusing. That's really the main reason of making the stats.

What you need to do exactly to generate these stats, is to:
It's that simple :)

Of course, you can also automate all these things with a scheduling program like crontab, so you don't have to manually update the stats.

Who is developing pisg?

pisg was created by Morten Brix Pedersen (mbp) as a small project which helped a bit on the motivation to learn Perl.
Since then, a lot of people has contributed with their ideas and code, see the CREDITS file in the source for the list of people who has contributed.

Patches are highly appreciated, mail your ideas to the pisg mailing list!

Adding support for new logfile formats

If you have a fair amount of Perl knowledge, it is not very hard to add support for a new logfile format (clients, bots, loggers).

If you don't have any Perl knowledge, you can try sending a sample logfile to the mailing list and see if anyone is kind enough to write one for you.

pisg translations

Pisg is translated into about every language that you can think of, including:

English, German, Norweigan, Portugese, Danish, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Slovenian, Hungarian, Estonian, Italian, Catalan, Turkish, Romanian, Czech, Icelandic, Russian, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Greek, Flemish, Albanian, Serbian and Slovak.

You're very welcome to translate pisg into your own language, it's not very hard.

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